​​​​​​​​WELCOME to BEST!

At Bridgeway, we approach each child as an individual with their own talents and gifts.

Our goal is to enrich your student's home school experience with excellent core classes, plenty of social interaction and recess time, and special activity days. BEST is not an informal "co-op." Rather, we are a tuitioned tutoring service, and we teach an entire school year of high quality core subjects using Abeka, Apologia, Notgrass, Writing Strands, and BJU curriculum. Kids learn with us two days each week and complete their assigned homework on the days they are not at BEST.


​​BEST teachers are homeschooling parents themselves! 

Each teacher brings a different set of gifts  and abilities to BEST classrooms. We all understand the challenges of schooling at home. That is why we founded BEST, to enrich the homeschool day, assist the parent with core learning, and provide a framework on which to hang weekly home lessons. 



​Joyful Learning

​​​​​​BEST KIDS!

Children should be allowed to be children as long as they are children.

BEST gently teaches and encourages children age 6 -18 (1st -12th grade) to be inquisitive, inventive, and excited about learning. We strive to make learning fun and interesting, without the pressure of in-school testing. We introduce knowledge and ideas that children take home, build upon, share, and master. Students participate in science experiments, creative projects, book reports, oral presentations and more.



Less-Stress Learning


Bridgeway Educational Support Team, LLP 

We're B.E.S.T. for Home Schoolers! 

Living Learning

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